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U.S. Online Lotology Auction Sites

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There are only about 100 + viable U.S. online auction sites. Where should you look in this crowded field to find interesting lotology items for sale?
The 600 pound gorilla among all these sites continues to be ebay. There is some question now whether or not ebay has adopted a no S/V, no MT policy.
Early in December two GLC members received ebay notifications their auctions
of sample void tickets were in violation of ebay policy and these auctions
would be deleted. In both instances, ebay informed winning bidders they did
not need to honor their bids. While this was happening, other ebay auctions
of a similar nature were either left unchanged or similarly deleted. A very
nice collection of early VA mint tickets was deleted by ebay only to be
re-listed a few days later after the seller (non club member) filed an
appeal. Overall implementation of this new ebay policy was extremely haphazard. Ebay reasoning goes something like this:  we don’t have these tickets in our possession therefore we can’t verify your sale is offering a legitimate non viable gambling collectible.
It’s not clear exactly what ebay will do in the future regarding auction listings of MT and S/V tickets. In the past 10 days most sellers appear to have had no interference from ebay. Mints and sample voids have been offered by several sellers, both club members and non members. Perhaps the holiday crush of over 3 million different ebay listings has made it near impossible for the ebay monitors to keep track of lotology offerings?

To visit ebay use this URL:  then type ‘lottery’ or ‘lottery ticket’ into the ebay search engine. Using ‘lottery ticket’ will greatly narrow your search but this means you’ll end up missing those items where the seller has used only the word ‘lottery’ in their item description. For example, when a non club member says “I have 9 great lottery items for sale, these are old stub like Illinois tickets with a picture of Herbert Hoover on them” ( ! ) it’s unlikely you’ll see the auction if you’ve used ‘lottery ticket’ for your search. Narrowing your search focus is possible at most auction sites but there are positive and negative consequences when you do so.
What other sites are worth mentioning?
Try the newest and most lotology friendly site!  Auctionables at:
This web address takes you to a very young ebay challenger (6 weeks old!) where technical problems and bugs are still being worked out. The people building Auctionables have warmly welcomed lotology into their auction site and have even created an individual category for ‘Lottery Tickets’, nicely sub-divided into US, non US, mint tickets, sample tickets, used tickets, paper tickets, and misc. Several club members have been seen listing items and some of these auctions have had very good results. Auctionables as an auction site needs and welcomes our support!!
Other important auction sites to consider:
Amazon -
Yahoo -
Tripod -

Yahoo and Amazon in particular have both had one or more very interesting auctions of lottery related materials by non club members. Many times discovering a nice lotology listing on one of these less visited sites equals your having minimal lotology competition when trying to win the item.
To help make life easier keeping track of all this action I recommend you util ize the Bidder’s Edge at:   What is Bidder’s Edge? Bidder’s Edge is not another online auction site.  Bidder’s Edge is a wonderful tool that will search all these other auction sites (except newly created Auctionables) for you. Go to Bidder’s Edge, search ‘lottery’ and you’ll immediately see a compilation of every ‘lottery’ item on their entire list of auction sites. This includes ebay, and Yahoo. Bidder’s Edge also will allow you to create your own personal market watch where new listings of items you’re interested in are sent to you via e mail on a daily basis.
Sometimes just showing up for an auction is all you need do to win a ticket.  Other times bidding will be frustrating because you’ll lose out to someone willing to spend what you feel is an outrageous amount of money. Win some, lose some. This reminds me of how it is scratching instant lottery tickets!
Lotology online is new and we’re all blazing this trail together. Feel free to ask questions, share helpful hints, etc.

Always, good collecting!
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