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                                              THE GLOBAL PAGES LINK

     France, Ethiopia, PolandůVery different countries and people, yet we share something in common with them. They love Lotology too! Word of our successful hobby wouldn't reach them if it weren't for our web site. Anyone in the world with a computer and the access can search the Internet and learn about our hobby. The pages are monitored, which gives us the advantage to see who and where the "hits" (visitors) are coming from.  Some of the hits we've had are from--United States private, U.S. Military, U.S. Government, U.S. Educational, U.S. non-profit organizations, Canada, Germany, Romania, Brazil, Australia, Sweden, United Kingdom, Mexico, Ireland, France, Ethiopia, Poland, Hungary, Denmark, Trinidad, Tobago, Taiwan, Japan, Venezuela, Italy, Spain, India, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Estonia, Macedonia Singapore, Poland, South Korea, Cyprus, Portugal, and many unknown. We are bringing Lotology to the world and we are quite proud of it.
     As you can see by the traffic we are getting, we are a Global organization. We must always remain open to the world.
     Informing the world is only one of the purposes of our web-site. The most important purpose, of course, is to provide those things that are needed by the Lotologist for knowledge, fun and to save time. All the while giving the new collectors and potentially new collectors a chance to see what we are all about.
     So what has Global's Internet staff being doing? Well, you can now receive the monthly catalog updates by email, alleviating the need to even pick up a pen. We are presently working on an instruction page that will help new on-line members learn how to use the files that are sent monthly.  The updates are also sent in a "text only" format and are quite simple to copy and paste into your personal catalog.
     Also available to you are pictures of interesting tickets, catalogs for non-members (not updated) and members (updated and behind a password protected site) and along with complete listing of all members and their addresses. The public can use our monthly ad to find email addresses and page addresses.
     Since we have information about the GLC and the application now available, new members can join on-line. We do not openly push for membership, although we do make membership easy for those who wish to join. This is the secret of KEEPING members. Like many other organizations, we are not selling memberships, only opening the doors to those that desire it. This is an "integrity" factor. Our new members are by their personal choice.
     Our ability to have an on-line newsletter to send to other countries is close by. We have a volunteer that is working on it now. We also have two volunteers that are "proofing" the catalogs and the information on how to use them. We now have six active volunteers that help with the page building. That's Nice! We are always seeking more volunteers to do a little web building (their own little corner).  It is easy for us as a club when everyone pitches in and does a share.  It adds up to a lot! This is why we are SUCCESSFUL!
     This is truly a team effort. I personally want to thank those that are helping. So, a TREMENDOUS  "THANK YOU" to you all!
Cuppie Web-Master & Vice President of GLC,Inc